Thursday, 1 May 2003

INSOMNIA: It�s gone midnight, and I can�t get no sleep. Insomnia. (It�s not that bad, I just thought it was a cheap way to get a song reference in). Got some relaxing tunes playing via my RealOne Player, and lots of ideas about things I�d like to do to enhance my web skills. But when I get down to it, it never seems to go as I expect, all these tutorial magazines I have, with all these step by step tutorials, but something doesn�t work, a file from the accompanying disk, or there�s just one action that it doesn�t explain in excruciating detail, and now I�ve messed up an important part of the process. It doesn�t always work out this way, but am in a frustrated mood. My BT connection is still woefully pathetically crap. In a nutshell. But after discussing it with the helpline man and my own examinations of my computer, it seems it�s the modem or the phone wiring in my flat, so I�ll need to sort that little issue out sooner rather than later. �16 a month for an internet connection that doesn�t stay connected for more than 5 minutes ain�t a lot of use. So that�s where I�m at right now.

MONEY: Minimal pay rise at work, not gonna cover all my increased outgoings, so that�s not good news for a heavily in debt graduate, I�d be lying if I said it doesn�t get me down. But I am most definitely not the only one. Having lots of money is not a big issue in my life, not having to worry about paying bills is. I just ask for enough to enjoy and make the most of my days, have some new and interesting experiences once in a while, that�s not too greedy is it?