Monday, 21 April 2003

The US sugar industry is kicking up a fuss because the World Health Organisation says in a report that only 10% of American's diets should be sugar, attacking the report the sugar industry says: "Taxpayers' dollars should not be used to support misguided, non-science-based reports which do not add to the health and well-being of Americans, much less the rest of the world," considering the problem of increasing numbers of over-weight Americans, and the growing tidal wave of taste-less convenience foods taking over our daily routines, this leaves a rather sour taste in my mouth. The sugar industry are blackmailing the US geovernment saying they want funding dropped for the WHO. Read the full story here
World Health Organisation

back2work :: jesus, did i enjoy my maccy d's allstar big breakfast (wretch) erm not really, i regret it as soon as i sit down and take the first morsel they have to offer. Anyway, had 1 hello how are you from the nice Irish journo, Rachel, who's friends with my boss Emma, and the rest of em can fark off. Ignorant toerags. I've given up trying to look for meet and greet opportunities, they have their safe, dark world where no light gets in, and I have my own corner, lit by real sunlight. Never mind, life does go on.

Wonder what stunning stories they have to offer the web audience today? A few rehashes, a few tenuous local stories from national stories, all good I want to keep my job, well yes? Then stop slaggin off your employer, oh, yeh, good point, sorry. Later people. See today's paper online : Peterborough Evening Telegraph

Sunday, 20 April 2003

Well the end of the week was far better than the beginning. I don't recommend having a tooth pulled. It's bloody horrible. And I thought I looked after my teeth?! Anyway, birthday was good on friday. My wonderful girlfriend made me a cake, and I got a damn impressive assortment of cool pressies from family and friends. Had a pleasant day in Stamford. Although we had a pizza in Ask, and frankly it wasn't the best, but we survived.

So this is Easter Sunday, just saw the Pope on BBC1 doing an address to all his fans at the Vatican, that guy speaks a whole load of languages, but he doesn't look at his peak I have to say, the guy is officially on his last legs. Not much else on the goggle box, (where does that saying come from? And who really cares?) Listening to Jacues Le Cont' and Slam's Fabric cd's, and bloody good it is too, cheers Dan for the bday copies.

humorously btopenworld have sent me a letter telling me about their great email filtering system, and 'hoping you're enjoying your time with us' well not as such no. But a friend of Becx's family works for bt and I might be able to pick his brains as to what's up with my horribly lame connection. OOO sun's out, better get outside and make the most of it, back to work tomorrow, althoug it is time and a half and I can go pretty much when I want. so it can't be too bad.

Monday, 14 April 2003

PILFER ::I have to say, I've had more fun in the last few days than possibly anyone ever in the history of the known universe. I discovered last week that my door lock doesn't work properly, and one big shove and it pops open, so I'm locking the deadlock aswell now! Then Saturday during a rather gruelling 7 and a half hours cricket practice day, some kindly passing thieving toerag decided my wallet looked ripe and did a runner with it. they only got �3 and a debit card which hopefully I blocked before they did anything too exciting with.

TOERAG ::Of course in my mind I can't fully remember what I did with the damn wallet, after i had it at lunch. Started to doubt my self, and think maybe i just dropped it somewhere foolishly or left it lying around with a flashing sign above saying, come and get me? But I'm fairly sure I didn't. Ironic that my first day of cricket at Peterborough Town's Brettin Gate ground had an unhappy ending. After 10 years playing in the Devon League for Barton and Abbotskerswell and not losing a penny to thieves, it frankly is almost funny. And on another bright note, the wallet was a bit past it speak, and I was planning to get another one, so it's just hurried that chore on a bit.

MORE GOOD NEWS ::Then today, at the ET, a web page I thought had been finished had some mysteriously missing elements, which I had to carefully re-insert. And then my old chum Mike phones to say his work is ridiculously busy, and they have offered him triple-pay and little choice in working over Easter, Which kind of buggers up his planned visit to another friends, where we were all gonna catch up. all in all, I've not really enjoyed much of today, and tomorrow it's the dentists for half an hour of numbness and filling and random dental torture, I really can't wait to spend the evening dribbliing uncontrollably, practice for old age, which as I turn 29 on Friday is fast approaching. At least I get to spend it with my lovely girlfriend Becx :-)

MUSIC :: On a brighter note, everyone must get the White Stripes album, Elepehant, it really does rock. I can also recommend the Junior Senior album too, it's a real party album, lively, bouncy, indie/dance with some fruity lyrics thrown in for good measure!

Thursday, 10 April 2003

Sony have patented the term 'Shock and Awe' for use in a forthcoming computer game. Congratulations, may you sleep well tonight and try not to think about all the Iraqis that died during the real-life events of Shock and Awe, this avenue of marketiing frankly sickens me, but unfortunately people are gonna buy it. Read the Guardian Online report

Wednesday, 9 April 2003

So its goodnight from Saddam then, unless he's sitting in a cave somewhere in the middle-east playing snap with Osama Bin Laden! Nice that they pulled that staue down right in front of the journalists hotel, make sure they get good shots for the telly. Yes I am cynical, but as long as the Iraqi people get to have a say in the running of their country now and it doesn't just turn into New Texas, with a big oil line pumping black gold straight to the US of A then at least some good has come out of Crazy George's go-it-alone who-needs-the-UN-anyway plan.

Channel 4 reported last night about all the Texan based companies that have won tenders to work in Iraq when it's free from Saddam's rule. Not suspicious at all. I'm glad the whole thing seems to have been over quickly, with minimum loss of life, althought the amount of friendly fire and media kills was unbelievable. How do these American's get trained, on Playstation 2?!

Tuesday, 8 April 2003

Have just had training on the new admin (content management system) at work. Seems better than the previous version (which it should be) and hopefully will work better...? But it adheres more to the .NET system set up by Microsoft, which is fine, except if you work on a mac, which we at our paper do. It seems strange that any microsoft solutions wouldn't work so well on a mac, well actually it's no surprise, why would they want anyonhe to use a mac, when pc's are much better and Bill is trying to rule the IT world with Microsoft. He kinda got away with it afte that big court case in America, but no one's fooled, they make everything as pc/microsoft friendly as they can, and force their products and services on the rest of us, via their network and operating systems. Competition is a dirty word, so frankly I like using my mac, its a lot more pleasnat to look at for a start, and just has a nicer atmosphere about the environment, I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right, but if you've used both, you might understand more.

Just a quick one before work. The Government are proposing to make big shops close on Xmas Day, quite bloody right too. The commercial world we live in breeds the idea that we need every shop open all the time, convenience. Frankly I reckon we can all survive without shopping on Xmas Day. The only people who need to open are greedy bosses who are only concerned with profits and not too bothered about generosity and the needs of their staff. Unfortunately, in the retail industry, that sort of attitude is rife, its all about competing and getting on over on the other shops, to make that extra pound, well frankly it makes me sick after 12 years in retail, I would rather be a dirty hobo on the streets than devote my life to one faceless corporate retail whore company, and that's what you have to do, devote your time and all your energy for frankly not much in return, because it isn't exactly fulfilling, because every member of staff is expected to do so many tasks simultaneaously that actually feeling like your meeting people is a thing of the past...enough, later people

Wednesday, 2 April 2003

Another template, well the last one that changes colour, very cool, but very mental after a while. Bed soon for me, didn't England do well, especially that Mickey Rooney, 17, makes me feel a bit inadequate at 28, knockin on 29.

Well here we are, Wednesday already, and after a few days of excruciating dental pain, i am now feeling better thanks. Whilst at work, I've just completed my webguide for april hope you have time to take a look, there's a few interesting titbits from around the web, and some comment and links on the war, from some different points of view.

Much looking forward (is that English?) to my girlfriend coming home from Uni on Friday, it gets a bit lonely in the flat (blub) but you got to appreciate time on your own, and make the most of things in life. As a couple of people I know from back home have died recently, frnkly before their time, but everyone's gotta go sometime, and you never know when, so everyday shoould be seen as an opportunity rather than a series of chores. I'll leave you with that. Anyway back to the Peterborian grindstone now...