Friday, 30 July 2004

Mmm honey, this steak tastes just as good as the last one we had. That's because it pretty much is, but if you die, well, you trust me don't you honey? Wired News: Clone Steak Safe, Unless It Isn't

Thursday, 29 July 2004

Reasons to convert to css #205 Stopdesign | Throwing Tables Out the Window "Many developers believe these claims because they start by developing for ? and checking in ? IE. Then they view it in another browser and become frustrated when they see all kinds of supposed ?bugs? they think they?ll have to fix.

IE interprets CSS more loosely than other browsers that have been iterating versions over the last couple years..."

Wednesday, 28 July 2004

So, a day off, and an enjoyable (I am sick) afternoon spent in the company of =Father Dowling Investigates, where fortunately at the end, Sister Stephanie's wayward brother was not murdered by the dodgy cops, phew. Then Carol Vorderman stunned us all by getting 663 with only numbers less than 10 on Countdown, when the bright chap contestant only made 664, smug bitch.

Worth a laugh, not very PC mind you! Viceland mag - Dos, July 2004: including - "Dude, you are the worst President ever. Even motherfucking George Burns clawed his way out of the grave to make fun of you."

Web Designer Jason Kottke has put together this html version of That report. I guess we should all have a quick flick through, just to see how bad it, and the Government are... The 9/11 Commission Report

Tuesday, 27 July 2004

Thinking of visiting NYC sometime on the near future with my girl Becx, this photographic trip around Manhatten certainly encourages me... Safety first :: NYC Helicopter Ride, 07/2004 (

"This survey compares 10 web sites through elements of their layout: styles, page construction and elements? The survey seeks similarities and differences between those well known web sites, built by famous, talented designers" Web Design Survey

The US site for the 2004 Ryder Cup, a good bit of design as well as being damned informative! Ryder Cup 2004 / Team USA

Say No to 72 dpi: "The 72 or 96 dpi numbers are NEVER used to show images on the monitor screen. There is no concept of inches or dpi in the video system. Those logical inch dpi numbers are only used as a crude approximation to size text fonts on the screen."

"When you hit a snag in CSS, strip down to the base ID and work up. Imagine this: The div containing your masthead image wraps improperly in IE, but displays perfectly in other browsers. While not all that difficult to imagine, it?s quite frustrating." Cameron Moll ~ 26 July 2004 ~ Eight things I wish I?d known when I started

Sunday, 25 July 2004

Get stuck into this css tutorial, part 1... Veerle's blog - Designing a CSS based template - part I

For css lovers and learners everywhere... How To write Efficient CSS

Tuesday, 20 July 2004

I struggle with obvious words at the best of times, but this might explain a few forgetful moments at work... BBC NEWS | Health | A coffee can make you forgetful

"Seriously, do you need film reviews to tell you what you already know? That the new studio meatloaf I, Robot?"suggested by" Isaac Asimov's book, as if the 50-year-old anthology pitched itself to Fox execs?is 18 kinds of overprocessed sheep crap?" oh dear, poor willy smith ..."The Village Voice: Film: System Failure by Michael Atkinson

Saturday, 17 July 2004

All companies with an online presence take note "...but most Web applications continue to be developed by engineers with little to no actual experience in user experience methodology, information design, brand application or usability. This is not just a trend?it is an oversight by many companies not willing to invest in improving the user experience." This article is American based, but still has relevance to the UK market. Digital Web Magazine - Brand Value and the User Experience

Thursday, 15 July 2004

Here is a book all about accessibility on the web, Joe Clark, opens up his book, chapter by chapter for you to browse Building Accessible websites -

Sunday, 11 July 2004

There is some messed up shit on the web, but this makes me laugh, "ass, titties, ass and titties" everyone... you need soap. and water. soap. and water. water. water. water. water. water. water. water. water. water.

Mindless fun, ripped off from hold the button, you can't not do it... Don't Let Go

Thanks b3ta for making me laugh on a sunday morning, this image shows, apparently the Apollo space mission planning team were a little bit cheeky.. apollo_mission.gif (GIF Image, 1190x646 pixels)

Thursday, 8 July 2004

I really should apply for this, and its the last day tomorrow...??? It is my ideal job, but in the big smoke?...Your chance to work at Wisden

Healthy eating? And I bet the supermarkets didn't realise they were selling all this stuff,pumped full of salt...yeh whateverBBC NEWS | Health | Popular foods 'loaded with salt'

Wednesday, 7 July 2004

Busy man paints stones, and they look kinda cool, he sells them and makes a living, a story for us all there, life doesn't always have to the sterotyped daily 9-5 job...if only One of a Kind Art gifts, Hand Painted Rocks by George Witham

Remember Digitizer on teletext? Then this might make you laugh...I don't but then I'm just give give give, selfless etc...Mr Biffo's FAQ - Do you love me, daddy?

Jills - Some crazy sh1t you can find out from b3ta: THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO AAHH
Baby ferrets

If you didn't think weasels could be cute, you
are very wrong, as this photo gallery clearly

Fact 1: Female ferrets are called Jills.
Fact 2: The name Jill derives from the Greek
ioulos - 'downy-bearded'. Erm. We think you
can draw your own conclusions from that."

Mindless russian dolls animation, 'too much time...' etc: The Russian Dolls Go on Holiday

What b3ta said this week, and what a lot of people aseem to be thinking, sorry Microsoft: ": GOOD AND BAD
Stuff this week which is er.. good or bad

>> GOOD: Firefox browser <<
Free from spyware, quicker than Internet
Explorer and complete with fantastic tabbed
browsing, Firefox has recently become our
browser of choice."

Nice to see George Dubya isn't pretending to be dumb and not in control things, as this journalist found out..Protein Feed - Bush Gets Asked Some Real Questions