Wednesday, 28 January 2004

And another thing - Michael Moore calls George W Bush Jnr, a deserter, amongst other things! The Village Voice: Nation: Mondo Washington: Operation Desert Guard by James Ridgeway

MikeRoweSoft, that sounds a lot like, what's that company called, you know, the one run by the richest man in the known universe? Get it? Poor kid sold out to Bill Gates' Microsoft in the end, but fair play, he's only 17. The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Microsoft lightens up, ends fight against MikeRoweSoft

Tuesday, 27 January 2004

So now Nokia are bringing out shiny new media phones that play music, with added text and can receive tv signals, what next? I want one...visual radio, isn't that just tv?The Register: 'Nokia introduces visual radio'

You've read, laughed at, and quickly deleted the emails, now US companies are getting the phone calls from these pesky Nigerian's, the '419' team are branching out. Don't be fooled people its all damn lies. The Register: "419 scammers start working the phones"

Monday, 26 January 2004

OK in essence what cd-wow was doing (seling cheaper overseas produced versions of CD's you get quite easily pick up in your high street (for several quid more)) was bad for UK and EU sales, etc. But still the paranoia of the record companies is reaching new heights. Its a good battle between good and evil I suppose, with the consumer just trying to save an honest buck ro two, considering the record comapnies can't exactly be strapped. Read more, thoroughly researched journalism, as oppsed to my quick-draw ramblings...BPI down plays 'illegal importing' probe - from 'The Register'

Friday, 23 January 2004

Aren't trams brilliant, like buses only on tram lines...anyway, good to see a positive public transport story. Can't see them re-appearing in the 'boro, I'll have to get the train to Notts to enjoy a tram-treat!! (Yes I do need to get out more.)
BBC NEWS | UK | England | Nottinghamshire | Trams are ready to roll

Thursday, 22 January 2004

So I thought, I should write more. I nearly wrote 'right' then, which would have been a bad start to any burgeoning idea of being a serious writer. althoug I'm not really serious, about anything much, apart from cricket, the Internet, my friend and Becx (not necessarily in that order). So it is probably about time I got serious about something, and stopped watching from the touchlines all the time. Threw my hat in a particular ring as the phrase goes. So we'll see how often I get my warped thoughts down on virtual paper...

Saturday, 17 January 2004

From Monday (19/1/04) you can see thousands of archived aerial shots of WWII, digitised by Keele University in England. Evidence in Camera - Aerial Images of WWII

Thursday, 8 January 2004

Morning people, a story on the Channel 4 news annoyed me tonight. Scares over cannabis causing mental illness. I'm sure it does have a bad effect on some people, it's a drug! They said it should have a health warning on it, ok, it's a drug, like cigarettes. What's the big fuss.

The governments of this world are quite happy for people to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes (that kill thousands every year, fact, and rake in loads of money in tax, fact), so what valid reason is there for not making cannabis legal. I've never smoked the stuff, it doesn't really bother me, but the double-standards of this world do get on my nerves.


Wednesday, 7 January 2004

A useful link here for web designers, a list of downloads for all the current browsers to test your work on from IE, NN, Mozilla, Opera and even OmniWeb?! Web Page Design for Designers � Editorial January 2004