Monday, 1 May 2006

Web accessibility. Who cares?

Web User reports Most websites fail accessibility tests. Simon Norris, managing director of Nomensa, said: "The Disability Rights Commission estimates that there are over 10 million people with disabilities in the UK and by ignoring accessibility and usability, companies are excluding over £80bn in untapped revenue."

Ignorance of web accessibility potentially leaves these companies open to legal action. Simon Norris comments: "Ignoring accessibility actively turns visitors away.”

Millions of people have difficulty browsing and interacting with the web. Online accessibility is about giving everyone the opportunity to see and use web content and services. Norris also added: "Conditions such as learning difficulties, cognitive impairments, visual impairments and Repetitive Strain Injury affect the way people access the internet"

Web design and development has to take this in to account, not because we feel we should, or because it's the law, but because making a site accessible (and thus usable) to as many people (and potential customers) as possible can only make good business sense. More links to accessible sites and articles.
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