Tuesday, 12 July 2005

FUNNY BOOKS: Modern Toss

Damn funny books, good for idling away spare, or not so spare time. Especially if your job is no laughing matter. See: shitflap cartoons | mr tourette & uncle peter

INTERNET: Giving New Meaning to 'Spyware'

Wired reports on the continuing battle against Spyware, messing with our computers minds! Read: Wired News: Giving New Meaning to 'Spyware'


I shall be getting stuck into this later, as a good primer for utilising PHP in building a medium-sized Website, using includes and templates to control the layout and structure. Read: Digital Web Magazine - Easy-peasy PHP 2

Sunday, 3 July 2005

Live 8, Hyde Park, London, July 2, 2005

Live 8, Hyde Park, London, July 2, 2005

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A view from the vast crowd at Live 8, as the evening arrived and the top name artists kept coming. An amazing and surreal event.

Barring some aching legs and back, we didn't notice the time go by as one impressive musical act after another came on for their cameo.

Interspersed with the important message that we were all here to understand the suffering going on across the world, particularly in Africa.

The images of starving children, sick and dying Africans was as powerful as any of the artists on show, and there were plenty of very impressive performances. Bob Geldof showed his face once or twice, along with other well-known faces, Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, Kofi Anan.

This was no ordinary event. Not only a once in a lifetime gig, but a chance to educate people and give them the opportunity to go away and make a difference, however small, for fellow humans who are not as fortunate.

Make Poverty History

Friday, 1 July 2005

THE WEB: The world at your fingertips

Google presents you with another nifty tool - Google Earth. Search anywhere in the world, and zoom in from space. I'm sure Microsoft are working on copying it for Longoverduehorn as we speak, those crazy 'innovators'. Right I'm off to bed, as me and Becky are off to Hyde Park tomorrow, Live 8 awaits...