Monday, 14 April 2003

PILFER ::I have to say, I've had more fun in the last few days than possibly anyone ever in the history of the known universe. I discovered last week that my door lock doesn't work properly, and one big shove and it pops open, so I'm locking the deadlock aswell now! Then Saturday during a rather gruelling 7 and a half hours cricket practice day, some kindly passing thieving toerag decided my wallet looked ripe and did a runner with it. they only got �3 and a debit card which hopefully I blocked before they did anything too exciting with.

TOERAG ::Of course in my mind I can't fully remember what I did with the damn wallet, after i had it at lunch. Started to doubt my self, and think maybe i just dropped it somewhere foolishly or left it lying around with a flashing sign above saying, come and get me? But I'm fairly sure I didn't. Ironic that my first day of cricket at Peterborough Town's Brettin Gate ground had an unhappy ending. After 10 years playing in the Devon League for Barton and Abbotskerswell and not losing a penny to thieves, it frankly is almost funny. And on another bright note, the wallet was a bit past it speak, and I was planning to get another one, so it's just hurried that chore on a bit.

MORE GOOD NEWS ::Then today, at the ET, a web page I thought had been finished had some mysteriously missing elements, which I had to carefully re-insert. And then my old chum Mike phones to say his work is ridiculously busy, and they have offered him triple-pay and little choice in working over Easter, Which kind of buggers up his planned visit to another friends, where we were all gonna catch up. all in all, I've not really enjoyed much of today, and tomorrow it's the dentists for half an hour of numbness and filling and random dental torture, I really can't wait to spend the evening dribbliing uncontrollably, practice for old age, which as I turn 29 on Friday is fast approaching. At least I get to spend it with my lovely girlfriend Becx :-)

MUSIC :: On a brighter note, everyone must get the White Stripes album, Elepehant, it really does rock. I can also recommend the Junior Senior album too, it's a real party album, lively, bouncy, indie/dance with some fruity lyrics thrown in for good measure!

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