Wednesday, 2 April 2003

Well here we are, Wednesday already, and after a few days of excruciating dental pain, i am now feeling better thanks. Whilst at work, I've just completed my webguide for april hope you have time to take a look, there's a few interesting titbits from around the web, and some comment and links on the war, from some different points of view.

Much looking forward (is that English?) to my girlfriend coming home from Uni on Friday, it gets a bit lonely in the flat (blub) but you got to appreciate time on your own, and make the most of things in life. As a couple of people I know from back home have died recently, frnkly before their time, but everyone's gotta go sometime, and you never know when, so everyday shoould be seen as an opportunity rather than a series of chores. I'll leave you with that. Anyway back to the Peterborian grindstone now...

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