Sunday, 30 March 2003

A beautiful sunny sunday afternoon. Been to cricket training and didn't do too bad, gonna have a pizza, write my blog and then get outside and enjoy that sunshine, before my week of deskbound, indoor activity begins! I suppose I could always be a gardener, or a bin man, they get plenty of fresh air. My friend Tom's a postie, but it's the winters that can't be a lot of fun.

Watched Magnolia last night, fantastic but slightly mental film. 3 hours, but the acting and storyline was impressive. And at the end it makes you think a little, I also felt a wee bit confused, but in general a film that makes you think about life at the end is alright by me. And I don't mean thoughts like "Why have I just spent a couple of hours of my life watching this shite?" Shawshank Redemption, there's another one. You must all see it.

From what I see of the war, things are going to plan, but more like Saddam's than Crazy Cowboy George's. So it's going to be Vietnam II then, all this 24 hour news coverage shoould start to loosen its grip soon, especially as even the BBC are admitting mistakes. But their biggest, is the world service reading out all their info on this Salam Pax guy who has been writing this blog from Baghdad, and frankly he's not Saddam's biggest fan, so the blimming Beeb have done the guy no favours and put his life at risk, and for what end? They certainly aren't going to win any journalistic awards for it. As for less than serious coverage, The Onion have come up trumps again, cutting through the world of news like a hot knife through butter. Not for the faint-hearted.

Right, if btop will let me go online, I'll upload this, finish me spicy pizza, and sunshine here I come, later people

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