Sunday, 23 March 2003

JUNK MAIL: "Hi Baby, Please Don't Be Upset With Me Anymor... " so says 'Cindy hgtjxwfg jsoab' whoever she/it might be. What I don't understand about all this junk mail is, that more and more of it is just gobbledigook, random letters and numbers, with the odd word thrown in to tease the reader obviously. But who do these spammers really think is actually gonna click on something that makes no sense i any language. Maybe it's like and addiction, sending out spam, setting up databases of names, where do they make their money, they must get such a tiny percentage of replies to all this junk. But then it obviously doesn't cost them much. I guess it's just annoying having to empty the junk mail so often, becuase it fills up so quick. And as for all the "here is the password you ordered for your hardcore porn site, that you've actually never been to, but we're just gonna keep sending you this from different random email addresses in the forlorn hope you might one day click on it and actually go to the dubious site..." My favourite from today's junk mail is "I'm Super Tired" It's crazy and makes me laugh.

CRICKET WORLD CUP FINAL: A bit of a one sided final, well very obviously, India were no match whatsoever for the most resourceful, confident, ruthless and composed side to grace a cricket field in modern times. Australia are super-good (see above). Even without Warne and Gillespie, they have looked unbeatable, they even let a few teams have a head start, like England and New Zealand, just to give themselves a challenge. Now that's class. As for me, I had my first indoor net of the winter, with Peterborough Town CC, and it went alright, managed to bowl straight, and more surpirsingly, only got bowled once whilst batting, now that is something to be proud of.

PS: My connection, still woeful and frustrating, thanks btop...

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