Thursday, 13 March 2003

Well, I really enjoyed the Red Hot Chili's gig in Manchester last night. Will write a proper review tomorrow. But have been reading about Zimbabwe's cricketing troubles on the BBC Cricket World Cup site.

Frankly it is disgusting the whole political set-up that that maniac Mugabe has control of, he is running that country into the ground, because he is to stubborn to admit he is wrong, and stand aside and let the the people of Zimbabwe have a chance of a fair economic and political system. Just a sad old dictator who is afraid to relinquish the stranglehold of power that he has built up with an iron fist, crushing any who doubt his word. It turn my stomach to think of the poepl suffering i that country.

To think Tony Blair has painted himself into a worrying corner over Iraq, yet in general the standard of life in Britain is far better than the life Zimbabweans must be living. Maybe the US and Crazy George W. aren't so bothered about Zimbabwe's plight because they aren't a possible terrorist threat, and they don't have any commodity of use to the Americans, but frankly the way the country is run seems quite similar. I truly hope both countries are set free in a way that costs the least human life.

On a happy note, I'm on holiday for few days, visitng my girlfriend at Uni in grey old Warrington.

MUSIC :: On a musical note (tee hee hee) Hot Hot Heat's 'Bandages' is currently playing in my head, very catchy. Although there does seem to be a lot of similar punky/indie/rock bands sprouting up, is this the beginning of overkill again by the record companies? Find a great new sound, well a variation on a couple of old ones, and then flog it to death? Well done, aren't you all the centre of the creative universe, and/or in it for the cash!

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