Tuesday, 18 March 2003

WAR: So it's 48 hours for maddas Hussein to get out of dodge, or Crazy Cowboy George is comin for ya, yee-ha! But 'don't burn the oil' asks George, otherwise, it's pretty much a waste of time, he'll just go back to playing with his rather non-responsive dogs on the White House lawn.

NET: On a lighter note, my BT Openworld connection is offically taking the mick out of me. I don't remember the last time I was on the internet for any length of time without losing my connection several times. It is a joke, I'm gonna phone BT and give it to em straight. It might not be their connection, it might be the local phone line, I would just like to get my moneys-worth out of my �16 a month 'anytime (well 150 hours tops)' deal.

PILFER: Walked home from the dentists yesterday, my first check-up for a while, and boy do I feel dumb for not going while still a fully fledged 'easy-life student'. Got some shopping from the Tesco's in the city centre, then passed through Virgin, actually the tractor beams sucked me in, you understand don't you?! Anyway, this shifty looking guy blatantly stole a dvd, I heard something snap, like, say the plastic case, and then he obviously had something under his arm as he swiftly made his way out the door. Constantly looking around. Now after 12 years in a supermarket, I've seen a few shop-lifters, and there is a stereotype, and boy did he fit the bill, but he obviously timed it well, as there were no burly security staff around. Anyway, brekkers for me, then shower and work...catch you later

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