Thursday, 20 March 2003

You have to say, that the BBC are surely the finest broadcasting organisation in the world, more respected anywhere. I am so jealous of my fellow Warrington graduate Jon Kelly, who is lucky enough to be a tv researcher. But when you think all that they provide, digitally and terrestrially. Surely no other broadcaster creates as much origianl content, that is of a reasonable standard as them.

Yes, they are more concerned about the profit and popularity of the main channels, than they were or maybe they should be under their public service agreement, but in the current media environment, no one can survive without giving in a little to the narrow-minded lowest common-denominator product that saturates our lives.

Beeb, I think your alright. I also think my connection may have gone again, and that my RealOne player may have crashed, oh the joys of IT. At least I can't feel my sore throat, thankyou Tesco's own brand HOT salsa.

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