Sunday, 9 March 2003

Hey readeres, today's interesting junkmail porn subject is..."Stay free at the sex hotel " How could I refuse? Quite easily, but some people must reply to this stuff to make it worthwhile sending out all this crap.

I must say I do enjoy having to constantly redial my internet connection after every couple of pages I visit, it really does enhance my use of the brilliant world wide web connection that BT Openworld have generously provided me with...

But on a brighter note, I'll be seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Wednesday night at the MEN Arena in Manchester with my girl Becx. Really looking forward to seeing a truly cool rock and roll band. Am as we speak (ok I'm typing and your reading) I'm listening to 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik', on my way through all their last four albums. You got to get in the mood?

Weather wsa nice today, so I took advantage and took a leisurely afternoon stroll down by the river bank. Only thing missing was some company, but hey ho, make the most of what life gives you and all that. You can't get down just becuase everything isn't going your way, else, you'll never enjoy any little moments in your day that are worth smiling about. There's my two-penneth for the day. Gonna watch Gladiator now, and I'm talking Maximus and not testosterone fulled beefcakes playing chase the puny mortal up that climbing wall and throw him off.

Gord bless Peterborough Central library's reasonably priced dvd lending service, which is much closer than blockbusters, ha-ha (in a Nelson Muntz style).

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