Saturday, 8 March 2003

Hello, sorry I've not been keeping up with Dan's blog. Today's spam email title I found most ridiculous is..."You'll Want To Parade It To Everyone " Wonder what that can mean?! Anyway, the weather is not very appealing outside, but I can't spend my whole Saturday indoors? Well I could, and after the postman decided to deliver a parcel at 7.05 this morning, I'm a little out of it still. Bless him for being so early, maybe he's just very, very keen.

WAR?: George Bush? He should start up the 'United Nation' just for America, as that's the only country who he's interested in. Fair enough you say, well, the 'United Nations' thinks of he world more as a community, and maybe this point is lost on George, international law doens't look kindly on nations starting wars with other nations unless its a) slef defense, or b) voted for by the UN('s) in order to prevent an attack. So Geoge and Colon Powell might just want to hold their horses a while.

MAD: Now don't get me wrong Saddam is also a mad, bad man who shouldn't be running a paper shop, let alone a country, but he's not going anywhere, and I can't see him getting away with much while there's 100's of 1,000's of troops baying at his borders. But let's see what the outcome is, and who its really for the benefit of? Millions of American car users, who need that oil so they can drive 5 minutes to the shop? Who can say...

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