Wednesday, 9 April 2003

So its goodnight from Saddam then, unless he's sitting in a cave somewhere in the middle-east playing snap with Osama Bin Laden! Nice that they pulled that staue down right in front of the journalists hotel, make sure they get good shots for the telly. Yes I am cynical, but as long as the Iraqi people get to have a say in the running of their country now and it doesn't just turn into New Texas, with a big oil line pumping black gold straight to the US of A then at least some good has come out of Crazy George's go-it-alone who-needs-the-UN-anyway plan.

Channel 4 reported last night about all the Texan based companies that have won tenders to work in Iraq when it's free from Saddam's rule. Not suspicious at all. I'm glad the whole thing seems to have been over quickly, with minimum loss of life, althought the amount of friendly fire and media kills was unbelievable. How do these American's get trained, on Playstation 2?!

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