Sunday, 20 April 2003

Well the end of the week was far better than the beginning. I don't recommend having a tooth pulled. It's bloody horrible. And I thought I looked after my teeth?! Anyway, birthday was good on friday. My wonderful girlfriend made me a cake, and I got a damn impressive assortment of cool pressies from family and friends. Had a pleasant day in Stamford. Although we had a pizza in Ask, and frankly it wasn't the best, but we survived.

So this is Easter Sunday, just saw the Pope on BBC1 doing an address to all his fans at the Vatican, that guy speaks a whole load of languages, but he doesn't look at his peak I have to say, the guy is officially on his last legs. Not much else on the goggle box, (where does that saying come from? And who really cares?) Listening to Jacues Le Cont' and Slam's Fabric cd's, and bloody good it is too, cheers Dan for the bday copies.

humorously btopenworld have sent me a letter telling me about their great email filtering system, and 'hoping you're enjoying your time with us' well not as such no. But a friend of Becx's family works for bt and I might be able to pick his brains as to what's up with my horribly lame connection. OOO sun's out, better get outside and make the most of it, back to work tomorrow, althoug it is time and a half and I can go pretty much when I want. so it can't be too bad.

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