Tuesday, 8 April 2003

Have just had training on the new admin (content management system) at work. Seems better than the previous version (which it should be) and hopefully will work better...? But it adheres more to the .NET system set up by Microsoft, which is fine, except if you work on a mac, which we at our paper do. It seems strange that any microsoft solutions wouldn't work so well on a mac, well actually it's no surprise, why would they want anyonhe to use a mac, when pc's are much better and Bill is trying to rule the IT world with Microsoft. He kinda got away with it afte that big court case in America, but no one's fooled, they make everything as pc/microsoft friendly as they can, and force their products and services on the rest of us, via their network and operating systems. Competition is a dirty word, so frankly I like using my mac, its a lot more pleasnat to look at for a start, and just has a nicer atmosphere about the environment, I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right, but if you've used both, you might understand more.

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