Tuesday, 8 April 2003

Just a quick one before work. The Government are proposing to make big shops close on Xmas Day, quite bloody right too. The commercial world we live in breeds the idea that we need every shop open all the time, convenience. Frankly I reckon we can all survive without shopping on Xmas Day. The only people who need to open are greedy bosses who are only concerned with profits and not too bothered about generosity and the needs of their staff. Unfortunately, in the retail industry, that sort of attitude is rife, its all about competing and getting on over on the other shops, to make that extra pound, well frankly it makes me sick after 12 years in retail, I would rather be a dirty hobo on the streets than devote my life to one faceless corporate retail whore company, and that's what you have to do, devote your time and all your energy for frankly not much in return, because it isn't exactly fulfilling, because every member of staff is expected to do so many tasks simultaneaously that actually feeling like your meeting people is a thing of the past...enough, later people

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