Tuesday, 10 June 2003

Well its been a while, have been off visiting family and friends, and my girlfriend Becx for her 3rd year production, performing arts piece, which I got a little too involved in for my liking! She did well, some very impressive movements to 'Edge Hill' by Groove Armada, supplied by me! Always glad to help and all that, but when I got dragged out to be a part of the opening scene of the piece, that was a little bonus! Had a long weekend at home, which was perfect, spending time with family and old friends, the weather was kind, even though my old cricket team got beat. But we made up for it in the pubs of Torquay, much to my body's regret the next day!

The next weekend it was Becx's 21st, and she did pretty well. We visited Sankey's Soap in Manchester, James Lavelle and Unklesounds were djing, not sure if we heard them as it went on until 6am and we left at 1.30, frankly there were some hardcore clubbers in the downstairs section, that dance floor must have been a swimming pool by morning. Still well worth the trip.

Work is going ok, despite the lack of money, plenty of valuable experience, when I can get my lazy arse out of bed!

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