Friday, 7 May 2004

Cricket: The Zimbabwe issue
It's a mess, whether England or anyone should be touring Zimbabwe.
It's time everyone stopped squabbling, and came to some sort of consensus, that basically, all the big guns in this saga are passing the buck.
The ECB are left with no choice but to agree to tour under threat of financial ruin, the ICC are at fault for doing nothing and for foolishly clinging to the false hope that sport will not be infiltrated by politics. Well, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee, because it is, and always has been. And now is the time to act.
The current situation in Zimbabwean cricket is dire, not as bad as it is for the people of the country, but that's another story.
The cricket board is blatantly obviously under the control of the ruling Zanu-PF political machine, whatever they claim, and it is affecting the team and the consciences of the players.
And the only decent cricketers they have left, (all the really good one's have been steadily lefleaving t over the past few years) have tried to open up the hidden world of political tyranny, but unfortunately the arcane toothless ICC don't have the courage for actually doing anything positive for the game.
All the political bluffing from British politicians is helping no one, will somebody make a decision?!
The politicians say its up to the cricket boards, the cricket boards say they will carry on unless ordered not to do so by the politicians.
Shame on the great game, pity Zimbabwe.

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