Sunday, 28 November 2004

BBC: Public service broadcasting
"Details of the proposed losses come as Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell told a private meeting of MPs this weekend that the BBC's commitment to impartiality 'needed to be strengthened'.

Jowell...said it was 'highly likely' that a green paper, to be published in the new year, would emphasise the importance of 'freedom from bias' in BBC journalism. It will also attempt to steer reporting further away from comment and analysis, underlining factual accuracy as the BBC's top priority."

Well excuse me, but impartiality is a great ideal, but there is no such thing as impartial, there is always a point of view. The BBC seems the closest organisation, respected across the globe (except for countries where the truth is not welcome), that sets it sights on impartial, unbiased, quality news reporting.
But every news story is biased in some way, as humans, we all have our opinions and beliefs, the BBC is no different. As long as their underlying editorial policy is strongly outlined, then we need not tamper with that area of their output.
The Observer | UK News | BBC news in crisis as axe hits 350 staff

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