Thursday, 14 February 2008

Local newspapers, local information

Howard Owens article on a local paper in the Us being overshadowed by a small news aggregating, information resource shows the difficult situation local newspapers are in.

Howards' piece focuses on the Watertown Daily Times' dropping their pay wall which acted as a big barrier to competing with the local site that offers linked news and a local information resource.

There's only a real case for paid content in financial and niche interest content, as is shown by the current number of successful pay walls still standing.

My point would be that having a strong, up-to-date and relevant community database is vital to all local newspapers. most of the information should be kicking around the newsroom in some form.

Putting it together in an easy to navigate format for users will not only gain page impressions and increased audience, but enhance trust and relevance in the multi-platform publisher alongside their news output.

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