Tuesday, 29 July 2003

GENERAL: Life is pretty good. I mean I've been a bit down lately, but really, I've got a job, a flat, food, friends, a girlfriend, something to fill my days. Cricket for a decent team on a weekend. But still it gets me down to think about my debts and all the stuff that needs attention, chilling out is definitely required. That is life's biggest test, whether to plow on through problems, well perceived problems, or to give up and feel sorry for yourself. I chose the latter for a while, but friends and Becx managed to pull me out pretty quick, it never lasts for too long.

And i got a good friends stag weekend in a week or so, then a trip to the Reading Festival to see Blur and the White stripes, and then my first wedding experience. Of course I can't afford any of this, and a holiday seems increasingly unlikely for the foreseeable future, but putting it in perspective, I could have nothing, no job, friends, loved ones, home, nothing to eat! Simple things must be considered when facing an alleged problem, and perspective is always a useful tool when trying to cheer yourself up!

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