Monday, 7 July 2003

Well, here i am at work. Taking time out to mention that I despise my home internet connection with a passion. something must be done, as having approximately a minute everytime i dial up, leaves me a little short of time to actually do anything. My junk emails are building up, and my frustrations are boiliing nicely at gas mark 3, in a light casserole dish, with accompanying boiled potatoes.

Anyway life otherwise is good, Becx got her degree, we had fun at her graduation ball. And I'm not doing too bad with my local cricket team which is nice. Getting to bowl at former Test cricketer's (Rob Bailey) and then have them say 'well bowled' after the game is always a promising reward.

Musically, I'm impressed with the Thrills, have heard all the singles, very Neil Young/folky/70's stylee, but perfect summery stuff. The Badmeaningood collection by the Scratch Perverts is also a high quality selection of hip hop and soul/blues classics and inspirations, not quite as abrasive as some of the scratching and mixing, and scratching and mixing and scra...

am also impressed with Very intruiging and well designed portal

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