Monday, 16 March 2009

Almost there - work project: Posh Pages

So after getting a little pertinent and constructive feedback from one user, and having a good secondary look at the first beta layout, I've tweaked's Posh landing page layout.

  • Tightened up the Posh content header vertically and shrunk heading graphic as it's already under a template header and navigation structure.
  • Simplified the navigation options, took out extraneous copy on the header to encourage users to dive straight into page content.
  • Re-organised the content layout on the landing page to give a quick snapshot of latest Posh events whilst keeping as much 'above the fold' as possible, but without overloading the eye - a tough balancing act with only 815pixels in width.
  • Shortened visible league table so as to draw user into full table which has sortable columns via jquery, plus an extra page view!
  • Added club information box, an obvious initial oversight.
  • Highlighted RSS feed/email alerts using Feedburner.
  • Hoping to bring in CoverItLive element in the future.

Posh Pages: home

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